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Enigmatic Meanderings

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February's Arc Light Storytelling Event
Boston Bound
The Passion and the Pesto
A Eulogy For The Missy Dog
The Greatest Fear of All
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Help Haiti Live

I've been continuing to try to figure out just how I can help the people of Haiti. Of course I pray and give but I want to do more. I'm even considering going. Maybe you'd like to join me. At the very least I want to let you know about something else that people are doing and that you have the opportunity to be a part of.

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Amos Story Music Video by Aaron Ivey

I've written about Aaron Ivey before and how I not only greatly love and respect him as a person but also as an artist and activist. I think his latest album is fantastic, and one of my favorite cuts is "Amos Story." Here's the music video they just released for this song.

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Help Compassion International Help Haiti

Unless you've been completely out of touch you know that Haiti was hit by a 7.0 earthquake Tuesday, a catastrophe whose epicenter was right around the capital, Port Au Prince. I'd like to ask you to consider helping those affected by the Haiti earthquake by giving financially to Compassion International's disaster relief fund.

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