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10 Brainstorming Rules for Creative Awesomeness

In order to develop good ideas we utilize a process called brainstorming. Now, We’ve all heard of brainstorming and have probably been a part of a brainstorming process at one point or another. It became really big in business books about fifteen or twenty years ago, and is still used today. However, not everyone does “brainstorming” the same way. And I guess that’s fine. But let me present my 10 rules/guidelines/tips/strategies/concepts/techniques/methods for how to have an effective brainstorming session.

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This Post Is Brought To You By Rabid Spider Monkeys

If most of us saw a rabid spider monkey, I believe the first thought that would probably occur to us would be, "Oh, look, a monkey. I love monkeys." However, once we noticed the foaming mouth and beady little eyes bent on our destruction, we might think twice and run in the opposite direction. Conventional wisdom would tell us that rabid spider monkeys are to be feared. However, I'd like to take a different stance.

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