February's Arc Light Storytelling Event

Have you heard of Arc Light Stories? If you have then I'm sure that a smile just appeared on your face. If you haven't, then, please, allow me a moment to introduce you to the one of the best, most unique night-out opportunities you can experience here in the Magic Steel Pittsburgh of the South (Birmingham, AL). I'll start with "what". What is Arc Light Stories? Here's what it says on the website.

Imagine sitting around the dinner table with your closest friends.  You’ve just cleared the dishes, and you’re moving on to coffee, or possibly a glass of wine.  Someone says: you’ll never believe what happened to me today.  Listen to this...

That’s Arc Light Stories.  Inspired by events like The Moth in NYC, Arc Light Stories features live storytelling.  No notes, no outlines.  Just great storytellers sharing great (true) stories.  Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, and always engaging, Arc Light Stories brings people together as only good stories can.

Ever been to see live stand-up comedy or a poetry slam. Well, it's a lot like that actually. Only, instead of someone standing there and telling jokes for 10 or 15 minutes or performing a poem or two, a person gets up in front of everyone and tells a story. The stories are all true (at least as much as the way the storyteller remembers them is true). The storytellers have no helps of any kind. And the stories are usually all over the map with regards to humor, tension, emotion, and preparedness.

At each storytelling event there are usually around 5 or 6 storytellers, and each event has a unique theme. The theme for February's event (as you can see on the poster pictured above) is "Love Is a Battlefield". Now, that probably immediately brings to mind for you some expectations for what the stories might be about. But I encourage you to leave your expectations at the door. Some of them will be met. I guarantee you. But others will be shattered, and I promise you'll be surprised and excited by what you hear.

Who is involved in Arc Light Stories? Well, I guess that depends. If you're asking who started it and hosts it, well, that'd be Travis Hawkins and Taylor Robinson. If you're wondering who else helps out, I could tell you that design and branding comes courtesy of Upper Air Creative. Then there are a lot of other people who might decorate (like Studio Flower) or bring snacks or help transport and set up chairs or donate the space for the venue (that'd be Jason Wallis). Then, of course, there are the storytellers themselves. That group is never exactly the same and covers a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. As far as this one, I don't want to give away who all will be there, mainly because I just want to promote myself (kidding... kinda).

I was lucky enough to get to tell a story at the very first Arc Light. Now, I'll get to tell another one. The first time I told my chase story. If you've never heard it, ask me about it. It's a good one. This time I'll be telling Story's story. Many of you have lived that story with us, but I'm not sure anyone has really heard Liza or me talk about it all at once. So, I'm excited for the opportunity to get to do that.

When are the Arc Light storytelling events? Well, there's not a regular event right now. But, as you can see on the poster above, the next one is this Saturday night, February 12 at 7:00pm.

Where are the Arc Light storytelling events? The location could change one day, I guess. But as of now, they are held at Second Row Studios in downtown Birmingham. It's located at 212 24th Street North.

Why would I want to sit around and listen to a bunch of stories? What do you mean? Why wouldn't you? Everyone loves stories.

How can I tell a story at a future Arc Light event? I'm glad you asked. And Taylor and Travis are too, especially if you're a female. Just email them and let them know.

At any rate, I hope to see you there.