Amos Story Music Video by Aaron Ivey

I've written about Aaron Ivey before and how I not only greatly love and respect him as a person but also as an artist and activist.  I think his latest album is fantastic, and one of my favorite cuts is "Amos Story." Perhaps it's that while Liza and I haven't adopted yet, we share Aaron and Jamie's passion for adoption.  Maybe it's because I've been able to watch their journey with Amos and Story from afar and have been continuously blessed to be reminded of the faithfulness of God they've experienced along the way.  It could be that our daughters share the same name (which I might have subconsciously stolen from him, though I really don't think that's what happened).  Whatever the reason, this song has touched me as one who's an adopted heir of our Abba Father, as a parent, as a (hopefully and prayerfully) future adoptive parent, and as just a human being.

Today Amos is still in Haiti.  He's relatively okay following all of the destruction his native country has experienced from the earthquake last week.  However, I can't imagine how much more he wants now to be home with his Papa and Mama and brothers and sister.  I also can't imagine how much Aaron and Jamie want him home.  You can find out more about Amos and Story as well as the rest of the Ivey's over at Aaron's site.  But at the very least, please pray for them and for Amos and that their family might finally be united together soon.

Today Aaron posted the music video for "Amos Story," and I wanted to make sure I shared it with all of you.  Be sure to click over to his site and let him know how much you like it.