This Post Is Brought To You By Rabid Spider Monkeys

rabid-spider-monkey If most of us saw a rabid spider monkey, I believe the first thought that would probably occur to us would be, "Oh, look, a monkey.  I love monkeys."  However, once we noticed the foaming mouth and beady little eyes bent on our destruction, we might think twice and run in the opposite direction.  Conventional wisdom would tell us that rabid spider monkeys are to be feared.  However, I'd like to take a different stance.

Rabid spider monkeys are not to be feared.  In fact rabid spider monkeys can actually be your friend.  That is, if you just have a little information about rabid spider monkeys and you spend a little time with rabid spider monkeys, you can quickly learn to tame and master rabid spider monkeys.

It's true.

Let me tell you how I'm going to command and conquer rabid spider monkeys.

It'll help if I first inform you that when I'm talking about rabid spider monkeys I don't mean actual rabid spider monkeys.  I'm not saying that rabid spider monkeys can't or don't exist.  They certainly could, I suppose, and probably do somewhere.  However, I'm choosing to not really worry about it.

When I say rabid spider monkeys, I just mean the phrase "rabid spider monkeys."

As I mentioned yesterday, some of us at Student Life are in an e-commerce seminar, and it's great.  Part of what we're learning about is SEO or search engine optimization.  This has to do with the way that you use keywords to get noticed.  So, I picked a random one.


I googled the exact phrase "rabid spider monkeys" and say that it came up with about 15,200 results.  That means that over 15,000 websites have the phrase "rabid spider monkeys" in their content.  So, maybe there are at least 15,000 people who are actually concerned about rabid spider monkeys.

So, I've now placed the phrase "rabid spider monkeys" in my title and have repeated it over and over and over throughout this post (as I'm sure you've noticed).  I'm not going to create a "rabid spider monkey" category.  However, I will create a new tag that is "rabid spider monkey."  I will also create tags that are various derivatives of that phrase.  Then I'm going to publish and see where I rank amongst the 15,000 websites that talk about rabid spider monkeys.  After I do that, I'll come in this post and edit it to let you know.

Okay.  Let's see what happens with all these rabid spider monkeys.


Look what happened.


Rabid spider monkeys rule!