The Best Use Of This Blog Ever

GoogleAnalyticsGraph You see the graph up there?  It's from Google Analytics and is for my blog's traffic over the last month.  Now, I have high hopes of what this blog might be, dreams of it having hundreds of readers a day.  But that's a lot of ego, if I'm honest.  Anyway, I'm used to looking at a graph like the one above and not seeing it climb above about 77 for any given day.  I'm also used to the peaks and valleys that come with not updating every single day.  But as you can see, about a week ago, my graph suddenly changed.

That's when Sterling Davis had surgery on his brain to remove a tumor.  I wrote a little post about how we could all be praying for him.  Some of you thought it was good and helpful, and so you passed it along to a few other people.  Some of them felt the same way and passed it on to a few more.  Eventually, that one little post got a lot of hits.

Funny how I've always wanted my personal blog to grow and the only time it really has was when it was devoted completely to someone else.

That's the best use of a blog that I can think of.

And the best response too.

So, anyway, Sterling did really well in his surgery.  The doctors were able to get about 85% of the tumor out, which was huge.  He went home after just a few days, which is even... well... huger.  Since then, Roger and Becca, Sterling's parents, have just been waiting to hear from the pathologist as to whether the tumor was benign or malignant.  In other words, they were waiting to find out if it was cancerous or not.  Well, today they got their answer.

It's benign.

See?  I told you prayer works.

However, please continue to pray for Sterling's continued healing.  The prognosis is a lot better now, but the journey's not over.  I'm humbled to see all of you walk along with him.