Continuing to Pray for Sterling

I never intended this to be a hub for people wanting to find out more about Sterling, but I'm humbled how it's been used to help keep people informed about how Sterling's doing and, more specifically, how we can all be praying for him. I want to first thank everyone who has joined in prayer for Sterling, Roger and Becca, his parents, and Landry and Kinsley, his sisters.  There are literally countless thousands of people praying, and I believe it is showing.

Though I'm not the most informed, here's a quick update:

The surgery yesterday was successful.  So, there's answered prayer number one.  It took a little longer than expected but went well.  Dr. Wellons was in there for over nine hours and only took breaks to go to the bathroom. Sterling did great.  Roger and Becca were able to visit with him some last night.  He had a good bit of swelling, but was able to give a good thumbs-up.  The report this morning is that he continues to do well and has quickly build a reputation for being one of the most polite 4-year-olds the staff has ever encountered.  No surprise there.

There are still a lot of questions.  The report from the biopsy won't be back for a few more days at the earliest.  Sterling's in the pediatric intensive care unit where his progress will be monitored until he's ready to be moved to a room where he'll continue recovery for about a week before hopefully going home.  He will have another MRI this morning to determine how much of the tumor they will able to get.  The plan for what's next largely depends on how his recovery goes, what the results are from today's MRI and what the results of the biopsy turn out to be.

So, some continued prayer requests include:

1.  Sterling's recovery - praying specifically for no complications as a result of the surgery, no need for physical or occupational therapy, and growing strength for him.

2.  MRI results - they're not sure how much tumor they were able to get.  Even if they don't feel they got all of it, I know that our God has the power to take away whatever is left.  That's what I'm personally praying for.  At any rate, asking for good results.

3.  Biopsy results - praying that they'll be back quickly.  I can't imagine having to wait on them.  Also, praying specifically that the results come back that the tumor is benign.

4.  Rest for Roger and Becca - most of us can't specifically relate to what they're enduring nor fathom how exhausting it is.  Add on to that that Becca is about seven weeks from her due-date and there's a lot going on for them.  Rest is much needed, rest and rejuvenation even beyond the amount of sleep they're able to get.

5.  God's glory - it's weird to think of how God might be glorified through the struggles of our life.  However, it's already happening, and it's really the ultimate good that can come out of these types of situations.

Thank you all for being the Church and for your continued prayers for Sterling.