Update on Sterling Davis

It's about 3:45.  Tanya Smith in our office here at Student Life just sent out a bit of an update, and since a number of you have been checking in here today (totally humbling, by the way) I wanted to communicate it to all of you.  So, here it is.

Sterling went in for surgery about 8am this morning.  They've been able to get to the tumor and are doing some preliminary tests (for the surgeon - not for a long-term diagnosis) because the tumor was a little bit different color and consistency than he was expecting when they started.  This doesn't necessarily indicate that something more is wrong - tumors come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  However, it is different than what the surgeon expected so he's just trying to be cautious.  The tumor is also pressing a little bit on a blood vessel and it's causing it to bleed a little bit.  They are keeping a close eye on that but they may need to give him some blood in a couple of hours.  Please be praying for that.  The doctors are hoping to avoid that if they can but will do whatever they need to for Sterling.  His vitals look good and so far, he's doing well in surgery.

Please continue to pray.  Because they got started a little later than expected, the surgery may last a couple of hours longer than expected.  That obviously moves back everything like his waking up and Roger and Becca getting to see him.  The Davis' are so grateful to be surrounded by so many that care about them and that are praying for Sterling.  Earlier on twitter Roger said "Can feel the prayers of thousands that have taken Sterling & our family to the throne room."  I know your prayers for them mean a lot.  The Lord is sustaining them just as He is always faithful to do.

Because of what is a huge mountain of faith the Davis' have been called to walk through, the Lord is already working to use that for good. Just a bit of testimony of how the Lord is using this so far:   A woman in Nashville - the mother of a friend of the Davis' - has heard about what they are going through and has been following their updates on Sterling.  In honor of the 4 Davis children, she has decided to change the lives of 4 children by sponsoring them through Compassion.  Roger and Becca were so excited to hear this!

Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for the surgical team, strength for the family, protection for Sterling and for the Lord's name to be known.

Thank you friends.  More updates will come as we get them.