R.I.P. Cable TV

PoltergeistGirl This past weekend, I finally did it.  I cut off my cable.

Some of you may be thinking, "Big deal.  So, what?"  But to me it is a big deal.  In fact, I'm not sure I realized how much of a big deal it is until I actually disconnected the cable box and had my TV search for what channels I was now left with.  When the number popped up and I flipped through them, I had a physical reaction, something between nausea and heartache.  That's the moment I knew I'd made the right decision.

You see, I watch a lot of television.  When I say "a lot," I mean that if I'm at my house, the TV is at least on, but, chances are, I'm sitting there watching it.  Even if I'm on my computer or playing with Story or cleaning or even reading, my attention is at least split between that thing I'm doing and watching whatever's on.  I'm too ashamed to assign a percentage to which usually wins out.

So, a while back, inspired by some other people I know, I decided to get rid of cable.  Notice I didn't say I was losing TV completely.  No.  It's still there.  I just installed an antennae in my attic that now basically picks up the major broadcast networks, PBS and about seven religious channels.

We've (Liza and I) done this before, but I honestly plan on this time being more permanent.  We don't need cable.  We've still got some channels.  We've still got the internet.  And those things are really "needs," but still...

The whole thing has kinda been like exorcising a demon in my life that's been a welcome guest for far too long.  I know that sounds overly dramatic, but for me, that's honestly what it's been.

Anyway, if I had to put down my reasons for losing cable in list form, it would look something like the following:

1.  Save money.

2.  Free up time to do other things.

3.  Pay more attention to and spend more quality time with Liza and Story.

4.  Read more (especially my Bible).

5.  Simplify things.

6.  Increase how often I say, "there's nothing on."

7.  No longer be sucked in by cheesy B-movies on SyFy Saturday or anything with the suffix "of Love" in the title on VH1.

8.  Cease allowing Saved by the Bell on TBS to cut into my exercise time in the mornings.

9.  To stimulate Story through actual tangible means rather than flashing lights and loud noises.  I'll leave that to her toys.

10.  Cut dependency on something that was never meant to be dependable.

So, there you go.

Won't you join me?