Formula for Creating an Authentic Encounter with God

So, this past weekend I drove over to Eagles Landing FBC south of Atlanta for the Georgia BCM's Confluence Conference.  After a crazy week, I was looking forward to setting aside Student Life stuff for a couple of hours and focusing on something else.  I had been asked to come talk about creating authentic encounters with God.  That's a pretty lofty request, but I gave it my best shot.  I really enjoyed working on it and had even more fun delivering the content I had worked on.  The crowd I was with was great, responsive and interactive.  I may have enjoyed it more than them, but if that's the case, they didn't let me know.  Hopefully, I can do some things for them in the future. Anyway, as part of my preparation I ended up actually developing a formula for creating authentic encounters with God.  I now choose to share this insightful, provocative, profound, world-changing development with all of you.


Here's the translation: Encounter equals God plus you minus the front you put up for the World plus Jesus divided amongst particular times and certain places to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now, how exactly does that play out?

Well, that's what the whole seminar was about, and I even ran out of time to fully cover it like I would have liked.  So, I can't expound too much here.

You'll just have to wrestle with it on your own.

Until next time...