Friday Fail

This week totally escaped me.  I actually had it all planned out and then... I don't know... it just didn't turn out that way. So, today you're stuck with just some random goodness.

I hope it's at least amusing to you.

1. On NPR's Marketplace Morning Report today I heard random mention of the gift shop at the CDC (who knew they had one) carrying plush swine flu toys. Sounds ridiculous, right?  But it's true.  It's part of a line called GIANT microbes.  Here are a few of my favorite.

swinefluInfluenza A Virus H1N1 aka Swine Flu

commoncoldRhinovirus aka The Common Cold

penicillinPenicillium Chrysogenum aka Penicillin

ebolaEbola Virus

ecoliEscherichia Coli aka E. Coli

mangeSarcoptes Scabei aka Mange

toxic-moldStachybotrys Chartarum aka Toxic Mold

2. This is pretty interesting. A group from Kansas State has plotted the seven sins on maps using per-capita stats.

Here's one for wrat h based on the number of violent crimes (murder, assault, and rape) per capita.  The greenish/goldish color is "saintly."  The reddish/maroonish is "devlish." The tan falls somewhere in between.


Check out the rest here.

3.  Stumbled upon this today.  Sometimes I lose hope in the human race.

4.  Check this out.  Pay particular attention to the kid in the green shirt on the front row, especially during the solo.  He is moved by Journey more than any other kid in his generation should be.

5.  I received the following in the mail yesterday.
I'm super-excited.  I'm about a third of the way through already.  A full blog review will be forthcoming when it releases later this month.  In the meantime you can pre-order a copy here.
Have a good weekend and a great Labor Day, everyone!