Friend Friday: Freeing My Mind

I've got some updating to do to the old site here and might get to it this weekend (hopefully).  One of the (many) things I have to do is to add to my ever-increasing blogroll.  I've gone ahead and started, though, with today's Friend Friday Feature. As you'll notice (if you're a careful observer), I've added a new category to the blogroll.  "Family Ties."  As you might guess, this will be a place to bring special attention to blogs that belong to members of my family.  The only two I'm reading (and am aware of) right now are Liza's and (my brother) Craig's.

Craig just entered into the blogosphere this week.  So, please, welcome him and make him feel at home.  If you're one of those people who likes to bring cookies to the new neighbors, Craig likes chocolate chip.  You can find him over at "Freeing My Mind."

Since Craig just started blogging there's not a lot to read, but what is there is good.  He's an excellent writer, and you'll probably discover that we have similar voices when it comes to that kind of stuff.  Also, once you're done with the blog, you can head on over to his ministry site and check out some of the articles he's written.  He also has a podcast that's relaunching soon, and I'm supposed to be a part of at least one of them.  I'll definitely link to those when they're up, but you can always check out his other ones too.

From time to time someone will ask me what Craig does, and I never really know how to adequately answer them.  He's in ministry (Awake International) , for sure, and he ministers primarily in a sector of the Church that most visitors to this site probably don't encounter very much.  I think Craig would say he's a reformer, or at least those are his aspirations.  At any rate, he's a teacher and preacher and prophet and budding writer and mentor to various people every year through his AwakeU program.  The churches and events where Craig is are often marked by a working of the Spirit that many of us don't get to experience very often.  To be honest, Craig operates in a world that I don't always understand but I need to and that challenges me consistently.

If nothing else I can say that I have personally witnessed no other greater work of God than what He's done in Craig's life.  Maybe one day I'll write more about here, but for today, I'll encourage you to get to know him and find out for yourself.