Sitting and Licking

I won't write a long post here about all the ways my life has changed since becoming a father.  A lot of you aren't fathers yourselves and often get sick of hearing us parents talk about it.  Instead, I'll just tell you one way. Life is often measured for us in milestones, significant events along the way.  Some of these milestones we work towards, others simply happen by chance.  Most of us, though, don't have a lot of them, usually because the ones we really hang on to are the biggies.  First day of school.  First car.  First date.  First kiss.  Graduation.  Proposal.  Marriage.  Buying a house.  Etc.

Well, since the entrance of the Storykins into our lives, the way we measure things has changed a bit.  We still measure in milestones, but they've become much smaller (at least in comparison to the ones mentioned above) and, for the time being anyway, have become more frequent.  First poop. Rolling over.  First noises.  First time to sleep through the night.  First laugh.  First bottle.  Eating "real" food for the first time.  Etc. (I'm realizing that other than a couple of things, these kinda sound like the milestones for a dog).

Well, Story has recently hit another milestone and we (Liza especially) wanted to share it with all of you, hence the videos below.  In the first one let me say that I'm laying on the floor while filming.  That's why my fat face looks like a gelatinous blob.

Storykins Sitting (How Exciting) from Chris Kinsley on Vimeo.

This next one isn't really a milestone.  It's just cute and funny (at least I think so).

Storykins and the Missy Dog from Chris Kinsley on Vimeo.