Friend Friday: Bogue and Weejer

Bogue and Weejer is the blog home of Ruth Tinsley.  I've actually known Ruth and her husband David for a number of years, even before they were married.  You see, we went to the same college, Mississippi College, to be exact..  Though, I think I was a senior when they were freshmen (or maybe sophomores; I can't really remember for sure).  We first met my last semester.  I was doing set and technical design for one of our shows (Children of Eden) in which Ruth and David were cast.  David played Noah and Ruth played the dove.  One night I messed up one of Ruth's lighting cues, but she didn't skip a beat and never went all diva on me about it. Further on down the road, as I worked Student Life Camp in the summers, I often was part of the team hosting events at Shocco Springs.  Ruth and David were on the Shocco summer staff a few years.  So, that's cool.  Eventually, we at SL hired Ruth to be a graphic designer.  She now does her thing for a church from home as well as freelance stuff.  So, while she's not on our payroll anymore, we still get to work with her some, which is beneficial because she's a great designer.

Ruth really helped me out without even knowing it because Liza was helping throw a baby shower for Erin.  She was in charge of invitations and was really stressed about it because she couldn't find anything cute.  So, Ruth designed one for her and it was awesome.  Thus, the general atmosphere of my home was much more peaceful.  Thanks, Ruth.

Ruth and David are also expecting twins, which is extremely awesome.

Anyway, back to the blog.  Ruth writes about many different things.  Her interests are wide and varied.  Thus, so are her posts.  However, every one is not only well-written, but is also interesting, witty and full of personality, and most of the time, highly amusing.  She's such a fun blogger that her cat decided to get in on the action, but that's for another day.

So, if you're not reading Bogue and Weejer, start (that's a strong encouragement, not a command; I realize I don't have that kind of power over you all).

Have a good weekend, everyone.  I'll be in Memphis officiating a wedding for my friend, Sarah.  Maybe I'll post about it.  Why don't you spend the next few days in eager anticipation over it?