Friend Friday: Learning 2 Walk

So, today I leave for South Africa.  Internet access there isn't always consistent.  So, we'll see how much blogging I'm able to pull off.  At the very least I'll hopefully be able to keep you guys updated just a bit through Twitter and Facebook.  But, have no fear.  That doesn't mean that Enigmatic Meanderings is shutting down for a couple of weeks.  I've got some blog posts ready and scheduled to go.  They certainly won't be the deepest or most enlightening things you've ever read,  but they're something. Now, on to today's post and Friend Friday feature: Learning 2 Walk.

Learning 2 Walk is the blog of Haley Nichols.  I don't know Haley terribly well, but she's one of those people that you wish you did.  She's a pure soul.  I met Haley when we went to South Africa together last year. She and some others from her Brook Hills small group (whom I lovingly refer to as the "Birmingham Girls") went to work with my parents and host one of the camps we do in Mamelodi.  God has obviously been working in Haleys life for a long time, but around that trip last year He definitely began leading here in a new direction.

Haley's been a teacher here in the Birmingham area for a few years.  Now, she's preparing to embark on a new journey with Mercy Ships, a ministry utilizes large cruise-like ships as floating hospitals to provide free medical care to those in developing nations.  Haley, amongst other things, is going to be serving as a teacher for some of the children of the crew.  They'll be primarily based at a little Benin on the south coast of western Africa.  Check out her blog and learn how you can be of a support for her, if by no other means, then certainly through prayer.  A big initial one is that her condo here in the 'Ham still needs to be rented.

I don't necessarily feature Haley here because of what she's doing specifically or for her prolific blogging or anything.  Instead, I wanted you guys to hear just a little bit about her story for this reason: there's a lot of us (you know who you are) who continually talk about things we ant to do, big things.  We wonder if God wants us to go and really do something amazing, make a big difference.  For some reason, so many of us end up spending countless effort on trying to figure out what that thing is.  We think of all of our commitments and responsibilities and what else is currently going on with our life and instaed sit in some perpetual state of discontentment.  Haley hasn't.  She's going.  And I think that's awesome.

Bon voyage!