Read Any Good Books Lately?

So, I'm heading to South Africa on Friday.  What'll I be doing?  A few different things that I'll be telling you about in a later post.  The purpose of this post is different. Getting to South Africa requires a lot of flying.  A few years ago Delta started offering direct flights to Johannesburg from both Atlanta and JFK.  On Friday, I'll be flying from ATL.  This flight lasts anywhere from seventeen to nineteen hours.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It's a long flight to say the least.  The discrepancy is whether there is a fuel stop in Dakar, Senegal or not and if there is how long that stop ends up taking and whether or not we have to actually change planes (as you can see, Delta's definition of a "direct"flight is a little flexible).

Unlike many other airlines offering flights to where I'm going, including South Africa Airways, KLM, and Air France, Delta does not offer personal entertainment stations unless you're in business class (and who can afford that?).  So, you're usually stuck watching mediocre or lame movies on a community screen (if you can see that screen) and praying that your headphone jack (or jacks) works.  So, usually I make do with watching some stuff on my iPod or computer, but usually I just read.  I'm a fast reader, though, and can really get through some books.  For instance, when I went to South Africa last year I read five books.  When I went to Kenya, four.  When I went to the Philippines, six.  You get the idea.

Anyway, I thought I'd check and see if any of you have any good recommendations for me.  What should I be reading?  It might be new or old, popular or obscure.  I don't care.  My interests are pretty varied.  I probably won't be too keen on "how to" books, self help, romance novels or gift books.  And please, for the love of all things good and decent, no Twilight.  I tried them already.  I got through the first two and just couldn't get through the third, much less the fourth.  Those books make my acid reflux act up, plus I think they might be ruining adolescent females.  But other than that, let me know any suggestions you might have.

What do you think I should be reading?