Alien Philosophies

I've been in a real slump lately. Even so, I've been needing to also do a lot of writing for various things. This set of circumstances has led to my lack of blogging. However, tonight (or rather last night) I was struck by something on Erin's blog.  It was a little news piece you can read about here or here.  It inspired me to try a little writing exercise that I have now spent way too much time on but that I've really enjoyed.  Here's what I did. Imagine that the great Aaron Sorkin show, The West Wing, was real and current and hadn't progressed beyond season 2.  Now, imagine that this piece of news got brought up amongst those characters in today's political environment.  What might that look like?  That's what I did and wrote it out in script form.  It's not a complete episode, just a teaser and the first act, but if it was I would entitle it "Alien Philosophies."

Click below and enjoy!

The West Wing: Alien Philosophies