Late Night Thoughts

I'm up.  I feel like blogging.  Lucky you. Here are some current thoughts in no particular order...

1.  I'd like to put a twitter feed on my blog.  There are plenty of plugins that can do this.  The problem is that with my particular site they don't look right because the first line will have the red title bar that you'll see in all my sidebars while any subsequent lines will just appear on the khaki background.  I don't find that look pleasing.  I'm wondering if there's a widget that will display a twitter feed in a pre-designed template.  I'm sure there is.  I just haven't found it yet.  I'll accept suggestions.

2.  I feel there is a distinct possibility that I am losing my mind.

3.  When you are a single person your married friends will talk about their marriage and sometimes remark to you about how you couldn't understand what they're talking about because you're not married.  There might be some truth in that.  However, I think what is really going on are some pretty universal relationship issues and dynamics.  It's just that in a marriage, they're compounded.  When you don't have kids your friends that are parents will talk about their families and sometimes remark to you about how you couldn't understand because you're not a parent.  I've only been a parent for a week now, but one of the new things I've learned that stands out most to me is this... they're right.

4.  I wonder if a person born and bred in the good ol' U.S.A. can ever fully overcome materialism.

5.  Rick called me "abba" at the office yesterday.  My initial reaction was to feel really uncomfortable about this.  Joachim Jeremias once remarked that one of the greatest revelations of God Jesus brought to this earth was Him being "Abba" or Father or Daddy, if you will.  This is how I most often refer to God and it is a term I have always reserved solely for Him.  Upon further reflection, my reaction is now one of crippling humility, weighty responsibility and deep honor.

6.  I don't believe I've had a real heart-felt conversation of any dept with a true friend in over a month.  I miss you guys.  Remember when we used to hang out and talk and stuff?  That was awesome.  Let's do it again.

7.  I'm considering going back to school in the Fall.  That's right.  Gonna add the distinguished title of "Doctor" before my name.  Reasons for doing this are as follows:  a) I believe it will be beneficial to me personally and to the work to which God has called me.  b) I like the idea of the challenge it presents.  c) I wanna see if I can hang with the big boys.  d) I enjoy learning immensely, and learning in community is even better.  e) I want people who don't listen to me to feel guilty becaue they're ignoring the ideas and advice of an expert.  (That last reason is terrible, I know)

That's all for now.  Story's over her hiccups.

Until next time...