A COMPASSIONate Christmas, Part 6

Do you remember the heroes you looked up to and wanted to be like when you grew up? Most of mine carried a lightsaber of some kind and could move objects with their minds. I can remember sitting in the bathtub concentrating so hard and trying to will the soap into my hands. I don't know why the bathtub. Was where I tried to develop my Jedi abilities, but that's not really the point. I sometimes wonder who is a hero to Luis, Akena or Mey. I used to wonder partly because I figured they didn't have all the options we have from our over-pop-cultured society, but I now know they actually do. This was revealed to me when I was in a poor African village and some of the kids called my friend Graham "Lex Luthor" because he looks the guy from Smallville.

I now wonder because I know they are surrounded by so many great options.

I've mentioned before the LDP graduates I've gotten to meet and spend time with. They are now my heroes. They have faced innumerous challenges and obstacles and have persevered and overcome. They are strong and courageous in the purest since of the words. They are living unselfish lives that exemplify hope for all those around them.

I know that within Compassion's program the children are able to see alumni and LDP students and have a clear picture of what their future might look like that stands in complete contrast to how meaningless things around them might seem.

So, on behalf of Luis, Akena, Mey and all the rest of us I'd like to say thanks to Lois, James, Dennis, Prim, Moses, Peace, Rafonzel, Keewi, Nice, Mishel, Dan, Michelle, Patti, and Jeff. I'm proud of you guys. You're heroes.

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Merry Christmas!