What Do You Do?

You know, I really don't have a good answer to the question, "what do you do?"  It doesn't really bother me or anything.  There's just been a couple of times lately where I've gotten that question, and I struggle to answer it ever time.  I mean, I can't really give my title, Content Creator.  No one knows what that means.  There's times (more than I'd like to admit) that the people I work with and for don't know what means.  Sometimes I'm not even sure.  But, big deal.  What's in a title anyway?  Okay... so I wonder if there's not some other kind of descriptive word that would suffice.  But there's not really.  The one that comes closest (and that I'd like to use) is "writer," but I respect writers and writing so much that I'm not real comfortable with using that.  I don't really think I'm a full fledged writer... at least, not yet.  Anything else?  Thinker?  Creator?  Minister?  I don't know.  All have something to do with what I do, but none are comprehensive.  And since that's the case, if the conversation progresses any further it just serves to complicate things a bit. There must be something exciting to have an answer to that question.  Doctor.  Lawyer.  Pastor.  Teacher.  Administrative Assistant.  Medical Transcriptionist.  Candy Maker.  Theoretical Astrophysicist.  Sumo Wrestler.

Must be nice.

But then again... there's something pretty great about it not being so simple.  Even a lot of the people I'm friends with and work with that can answer that question seemingly simply have a reality that it's actually much more complicated.  Taylor can say that he's a Video Director or Filmmaker, but does that cover everything he does?  Not even close.  Erin's a Producer, but actually way more.  Same thing with a lot of you guys.

I guess I'm just saying I think that's kinda cool.