Roger Dodger

So... today was the Student Life Christmas party (a lunch thing), which was really a kind of ruse for the chance to have a Tribute to Roger Davis for his ten years of ministry with Student Life.  Some of the guys made a video for him.  Some special guests showed up (in person and on Skype) to say some kind words about him and Earl emceed the whole thing. Roger's one of our v.p.'s and the director of all of our ministry events.  If you've been to any kind of Student Life event in the past decade or so, it's because of Roger.  Of course, his fingerprints are all over SL.  He's responsible for our partnership with Compassion.

If you ask people about Roger, you'll probably hear a lot of different things.  And as part of the tribute today they asked some of us at Student Life as well as elsewhere to write Roger a letter.  We could say whatever we wanted.

Well, to continue this tribute for just a bit longer, I'd like to make my letter public.  Hopefully he's read it by now, but I wanted anyone who might stumble upon this to know what I think about him, for the most part, anyway.


Rumor has it that I didn’t make the video.  Oh well.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t even remember exactly what they asked me, much less what I said in response.  Plus, if I remember correctly, you and ten-year-tribute-videos don’t have the best history.  So, I’m not going to sweat it too much.  Instead, you get this letter.

I’ve had the privilege of serving alongside you for seven of the last ten or so years, and I can’t begin to express here or anywhere else just how formative that time has been for me.  Who knows what God would have done in my life if we had never met, but  we did, and by doing so He has used you to influence my life like few other people.

If it weren’t for you I might not have ever been given the chance to work with Student Life at all.  I might not have come back for another summer.  I might not have moved to Birmingham or had the job at Event Xtras to pay the bills or be saved by the chance to take a job working the wait list or had the opportunity to be a Camp Director or been given the chance to join the production team or…

The list could go on.  I know.  Believe me.

One of the things I’ve always told people about you, regardless of how well they knew you, is that if there is one person around that you want in your corner, it’s Roger Davis.  You’re a good friend.  You’re strong.  You’re loyal.  You’re relentless.  You’re passionate, and I, along with countless others, know that regardless of how times are going, we’ve got someone with us that we can always count on.

I was talking with Earl recently about different things we could do for you to honor you.  One of the things I was wondering about was the possibility of adding up all of the people who have registered for an event you’ve been responsible for since you’ve been at Student Life.  The idea was for us to come up with some number.  Let’s say 654, 212.  The idea would be to let you know that there are 654, 212 people that have been reached with the Gospel because of you or that now know Christ better through His word because of you or who’s lives were changed because of you.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, I don’t know what that actual number is.  Maybe someone took my suggestion and figured it out, and you know by now.  Even if you don’t, though, I want you to know for sure that there is one life that has most definitely been changed for the extreme better because of you.  Mine.


Your Friend,