More I Wish Top 5 Lists

Taylor asked me why I didn't do one of the lists he had originally on his blog.  Well, the reason is that I like things done in sequences of either 3, 5 or 7.  I know.  Its weird.  But it's just one of those things.  Well, some other people added interesting lists to their own posts (see here and here).  So, I've decided to add some more. Only three though (and don't bring up the fact that if I add the lists from the last post with the lists from this one that it comes out to be 6 lists; that will just really mess me up). Books I Want to Discuss with Their Authors: 1. Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry 2. The Road, Cormac McCarthy 3. Brave New World, Alduous Huxley 4. The Dark Tower Series, Stephen King 5. The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner

Top 5 Cities to See At Their Apex 1.    Jerusalem 2.    Rome 3.    Cairo 4.    Chicago (during World’s Fair) 5.    Hong Kong

Top 5 Historical Figures You Could Spend an Hour With, But You Can’t Say God or Jesus ‘Cause That’s Just Silly . . . I Mean, Let’s Just Assume, If You’re So Inclined, That They Are Number One 1.    Socrates 2.    Martin Luther 3.    Martin Luther King, Jr. 4.    Thomas Jefferson 5.    John the Apostle