Faith Is What You Do

Some of you know that I attended the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta last week. It was pretty good. I've been going for the past four or five years and enjoy it every time. A few of us from the creative team at Student Life usually get to go because of how good the production is. But, it's a leadership conference. So we end up talking much more about the leadership principles espoused than how they use the LED cylinder. I think this is great since we're often not the ones really looked to for leadership. After all, I don't any of the 21 Irrefutable Fundamentals of Teamwork and Leadership Through Micromanaging Your Flock memorized.. One of the best sessions to me was on Thursday afternoon when Seth Godin spoke. Some of you may know Godin as the author of Purple Cow, Permission Marketing, Free Prize Inside or The Dip. He's a big dog in the world of business, writes the most read business blog in the world, and has nine (that's right, count 'em, nine) bestsellers. I don't think he's a believer either, but what he had to say was great. He obviously knew who his audience was and catered his talk to us. His presentation was fantastic and engaging as well. He also gave a copy of his latest book, Tribes, to everyone in attendance. That's almost 13,000 copies. Remember those nine bestsellers? Yeah. He's not worried about it.

Anyway, I've been reading through the book lately, and I'm really into it. I stumbled across a passage the other night that I liked and wanted to share with you.

If religion comprises rules you follow, faith is demonstrated by the actions you take.

When you lead without compensations, when you sacrifice without guarantees, when you take risks because you believe, then you are demonstrating your faith in the tribe and its mission.

Of course it's difficult. But leaders will tell you that it's worth it.