What a Story

Liza had another doctor's appointment today.  Actually, the appointment wasn't actually with a doctor, but a nurse.  She performed an ultrasound.  The purpose of which, amongst other things, was to discover the gender of our child.  Well, Baby Kinsley really wasn't interested in being photographed.  There was a lot of movement away from the ultrasound machine and Baby kept squeezing its legs together. And that's a good thing.  'Cause we finally found out she's a girl.  And that's going to be a good discipline for her to have developed, especially with the rising statistics of teenage sexual activity, but that's for another time.

So, we're having a daughter.

Her name is Story.  Story Reese Kinsley.

And, oh, what a Story she is.

I'll have more to come.

Oh... and I'm back, by the way.

Believe it.