Strength and Courage

One of the projects some of us have been recently working on around the ol' SL is the next Bible study in our Just Like Christ series. This one is an adaptation of our Here and Now summer them and focused on looking at the life of Joshua. We've made some changes to it and added a passage from the New Testament to each session, and I think it's going to be pretty good. Most recently in our creative team meeting we were working on the session that focuses on Joshua 1:1-9 that's commonly referred to as "The Calling of Joshua" or "Joshua's Commission." These are the verses where God tells Joshua three different times to be strong and courageous.

We spent a good bit of time discussing the nature of courage and just what constituted a courageous act. I won't get into all of that here. A lot of the conversation was driven by Taylor, so maybe he'll write something about it. But I was just thinking about it lately and thinking about it in relation to God basically telling Joshua to get off his butt and get going doing what He had called him to do.

Makes you think.


Are we being courageous?