The Philippine Chronicles, 2

I'm exhausted.  The short amount of sleep last night combined with a somewhat laxidazical day has not helped my adjustment to the Filipino time zone.  My head feels like its swimming.  So, I'm about to go to sleep.

Regardless, today was a good day.  We met four of the five LDP candidates for the summer, and, of course, they're all fantastic.  Great people.  Great stories.  I'll hopefully post a little more about them tomorrow.

We also went to the Philippines Country Office for Compassion.  For those of you who aren't aware, Compassion cares enough to hire the very best people they can find.  Noel, the country director here, and his staff are extremely innovative and ambitious in how they tackle and accomplish Compassion's misison.  I told Ben today that whenever I meet someone "higher up" in Compassion I know that they're the person I want to have dinner with.  They're incredible.

Brian and Lisa got to meet Maria, the little girl they sponsor, as well as the child that Benk's grandparents sponsor.  That was really cool.  It's somewhat emotional to even just watch a child and a sponsor connect.  Maria lit up the day for sure.

Tomorrow we visit our first project, and Callie will get to meet her sponsored child.  We'll also start shooting heavily with the LDP students.  Can't Wait.

Signing off.