The Philippine Chronicles, 1

Well, we're finally here in the Philippines.  We got to our hotel this (Wednesday) morning about 3:00a.m. So far my iPhone doesn't work, my iPod has crapped out.  Roger and I are basically sleeping together and I'm a little tired.

But who gives a .... We're here with Compassion, and it's going to be awesome!

Today we'll be visiting the country office and meeting most of the LDP students that we're hoping to have working with us this summer.  The I think we'll just tour around Manila and then have dinner, kinda take it easy and let everyone get adjusted.  And I think there are some people who definitely need to get adjusted.  We'll see.

If you see Liza, give her a hug or something for me.  I know this is hard for her.

Alright, more to come later.

Signing off.