C U L8r

So, in a little less than 12 hours I'll board a plane here in Birmingham with my ultimate destination being Manila, Philippines.  Taylor, Eric and I are headed over with the event staff and Ben from Compassion to shoot some videos of the LDP students that will be traveling with our teams this summer serving as advocates for children living in poverty.  I'll try to post here as much as possible to keep any of you that are interested up to date. It's pretty overwhelming.  Going on these trips always is.  Going to a new country can be overwhelming.  Seeing poverty like we don't experience here in the States is overwhelming.  The humility that God wants to use you to do something about that poverty can be overwhelming.  Plus, I feel like I'm leaving a lot behind undone and unfinished.  That's overwhelming.

But I refuse to whine about it.

I look forward to what's about to happen to me.  I look forward to when I will look back on this past month and these two weeks and see all the ways I missed how the Lord was moving.  I look forward to getting back and being able to share all my stories.

But as I look forward, I will also be committed to the present, to the nowness of what's going on.  I will make the most of every opportunity and live in the moment.

Just so long as everyone else in the moment isn't driving me bonkers.

I'll see ya' when I see ya'!