So, this weekend had some fun times.

1.  Saw Feast friday night.  For those of you who don't know this is the Project Greenlight horror flick.  It was supposed to be released last December but wasn't for whatever reason.  In the meantime it's been making the rounds on the festival circuit.  Now it is being released in a series of midnight showings before being released on DVD in just a few weeks.  Normally, that would be a huge warning sign that a film sucks.  But this is a horror film.  Even the worst ones get some sort of theatrical run.  What they're doing instead, is trying to capitalize on the audience that exists for the film, i.e. those who watched it get made on PG and who are fascinated by the director, John Gulager.  I'm a horror fan and thought it was great.  It was scary and funny and clever and, believe it or not, somewhat unpredictable.  I liked it.  You probably won't, but that's cool too.  Your life will be fine without it.

2.  Went to the Greek Festival Saturday night.  Greek fests are great fun.  The food was really and good and there's always a bunch of people just kickin' it and enjoying being around each other.  One of the parents of one of Liza's students gave here a ticket.  So we went, and it was cool.  When we arrived we were in line behind some local teens and one had a Student Life shirt on.  She turned around.  We made eye contact.  And she said, "Chris?  Right?."  How weird is that?

3.  Cleaned out the garage on Saturday.  This was much needed for simple organizational purposes but also because ever since we discovered the snake in there (if you haven't heard that story, be sure to ask) Liza has been unwilling to park inside it until it was clean.  In doing so we discovered two little field mice, much to Liza's chagrin.  I have now laid traps but have been unable to catch them.  I don't know if this is good or bad.  Are they gone and I'm trying to catch nothing?  Or are they still there and too smart for me?  I'd much rather catch them than always wonder.

4.  Saw Jesus Camp at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival on Sunday.  You may have heard of it.  The trailer's been bouncing around and people like David Crowder have mentioned it on their blog.  There are a number of things I could say about it, but I'm working on writing something up to hopefully publish. I'll link you to it if that happens.  If not, then I'll post it here.  It was a good, well-made documentary.  To me, it was much more terrifying than Feast.

5.  If you're not watching this...

you should be.

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