Xanga Post Wednesday March 8, 2006

So I mentioned how I've been wanting to further my theater education.  Basically, I've discovered that I really want some affirmation for what I do.  Plus, I'm wanting to be a writer but have no real training.  Student Life is good experience, but is also limiting in a number of ways.  Well, in my search I have finally found something that might be feasible.  I've discovered an M.A. program in Script and Screenwriting that I can do online through Regents University.  Regents is a Christian university but has a good theater, film and communications program that employs members of the faculty that actually work in the industry.  So, I'm checking it out to see what it might be.  It could be good training, an actual masters level theater and writing degree and could equip me to have a few different options later on down the road.  So, that's nice.

Also, now that I have a house, I've been interested in planting some trees, specifically some fruit trees.  Today at Lowes I found a peach tree and a pear tree that I'm thinking about getting.  I've also been interested in a tree I've heard called a "fruit salad tree."  Basically it's where some horticulturist has taken various citrus trees like Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, etc. and has grafted them together into one tree.  I also found one of those.  So, that's exciting.

We're finally zeroing in on our staff for the summer.  Things are starting to get exciting.  Now we just need some scripts.

Well, onwards and upwards.

xangaChris Kinsley