Xanga Post Friday March 3, 2006

I need to change the look of this site. I meant to do it a while ago. This look was just supposed to be temporary. But things come up. You know?

I'm in Orlando at SETC. Drew and I have watched almost 500 theater students audition for summer work. It's exhausting. Why? Our theory is that it's because they're not that entertaining. Everyone's monologues sound about the same. Everyone's songs sound about the same. Everyone moves the same. Everyone talks the same. And the worst part is that it's not how people really sound, move or talk. How is your performance based in any kind of truth or reality when you look so fake, like your acting? It is encouraging to talk to other Christ-lovers down here doing their thing. It's also nice to touch base with the other two members of our Christian theater triumverate: Tonya from the Holy Land Experience and Sandy from Sight and Sound. By the way, Sight and Sound will be opening their second theater in Branson, MO in 2008. Some of you should consider checking them out. It is also great to see friends and even employees or former employees down here checking out other stuff. It's good for them and good for us for them to be doing other things. They become better which makes us better. After all, we're not Shakespeare. That's for sure.

Which brings me to: this time of year at Student Life. It's recruitment/hiring season. This is never easy for me. It's tough to find the balance in making the right decisions. The decisions that best serve the company and the individual which ultimately results, hopefully, in the decision that best serves God and that He desires. I actually mean that. That's the approach I take. Still, it's never easy and sometimes it can suck. If people really had insight into the process and what all we go through, I think they might feel differently about us. "Respect" and "appreciation" are some words that come to mind, though from what I hear, "fear" and "resentment" and "pride" are words that are probably more fitting for how people feel. How can I live with myself?

The first meeeting of the Church for Birmingham didn't go that great. It was definitely a learning experience, though. There's still a lot of decisions to be made, and I find myself often thinking what have I got myself into and does God really want this of me. These questions are both exhilerating and humbling, which I believe is a good place to be.

I read Rob Bell's book, Velvet Elvis. You should go get it and read it. Or you can borrow my copy.

I've also been trying to grow in my theater education lately. Mostly by reading. I'm currently studying Viola Spolin's method of teaching improv, which is the method that led to the founding of Second City and that they continue to teach today. It's fascination. I went to the wrong school. Or else I worry that I need to go to another one. I think that's more for validation. I shouldn't keep feeling the need to apologize for doing the type of dramatic work that I do. But I do feel that way. Argh!

The Oscars are Sunday night. Predictions? Acting awards for Hoffman, Witherspoon, Clooney, and Williams. Writing for Brokeback and Crash. Director: Ang Lee for Brokeback. And best picture: Crash. That's right. Brokeback won't carry the same punch on the small screen, which is how so many members view the noms. Anyway, that's what I think. I'm currently downloading the shorts that are nominated from iTunes. We'll see how they are. (Again, thanks for the iPod).

All right. That's a good post for now. I'm really trying to recommit to this thing.


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