Xanga Post Monday February 6, 2006

I know.  I know.  Sorry.  Sorry.

I have kept starting posts that require some measure of length in order to complete the thought.  However, because of my crazy schedule, I never finish them.  So, they sit on my computer for some time until I delete them only to begin a new one some time later.  With that being said, this will not be one of those posts.  Instead, I'll just mention a few things.  (But know that I am still working on my thesis entitled "In Defense of (Christian) Teenagers")

Drew and I were at UPTA this weekend.  I realized a few things:
1.  I'm convinced that the really good actors and actresses must be working (at least I hope they are) because they're not at these audition conferences.
2.  Either that or people don't have the interest in theater anymore and are just trying to get film work (which, the statistics say, almost all of them are not).
3.  They don't teach theater students how to audition anymore.
4.  A Shakespeare company will call you back for a good audition with a modern monologue though the reverse is not true.
5.  Red Bull is essential to viewing the auditions of five hundred actors.

I'm not too pumped about camp right now.  Why?  I have no interest in writing another after school special where there are a group of students living in a glossed over version of the world in which real teenagers live who learn a Bible lesson in fifteen minutes.  Drew told me I needed to do something different so I could get excited about it again.  Maybe he's right.  I don't know.  We'll see, though, won't we?

That's enough for now.

xangaChris Kinsley