Xanga Post Monday October 3, 2005

Hadn't updated in awhile, which is ridiculous.  I'm sure I have plenty to say, but I'm just not feeling it.  Not upset or anything, just haven't really felt like typing anything.  It's probably because I'm behind in my writing and believe that if I'm going to write anything it shouldn't be on my blog but rather one of the projects I have going on.

I picked up Brennan's new book as you can tell from my currently reading.  Evidently, it's not really new but a rewrite of an older book he wrote that is out of print.  So Brennan has joined Erwin, Donald Miller and others on the rewrite/reissue/reprint bandwagon.  Good for him.  It's no Ragamuffin but is pretty good.  I am a little biased though.  As I told Culpepper, I'll read anything Brennan writes (and evidently he's working on his memoirs, which will prove to be, I think, one of his most interesting and profound books ever.  After all, his life is his story).

Other than that... I go to Catalyst this week.  What is Catalyst?  It is a conference for next-generation leaders.  Who will be there?  Erwin McManus, Donald Miller, Andy Stanly, John Maxwell, Louie Giglio, and others I can't think of off the top of my head.  Why am I going?  To work the tradeshow booth and check out what their production is like.  What is a tradeshow?  In this context, a fleamarket for Jesus where Christians try to hock "Christian" products to other Christians.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Soon to come, more on my pending book.  Yes, I'm that pretentious.

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