Xanga Post Thursday September 15, 2005

Made a pitch for a book today.  Without going into too much detail, Student Life Publishing is interested in eventually moving into trade publications.  We are also about to embark on a conference tour this spring featuring Erwin McManus and surrounding his new book Chasing Daylight.  I thought it would be a great idea to possibly write a student guide to Chasing Daylight that could be sold in conjunction with the book and also would be in partnership with Thomas Nelson Publishers and would make Student Life a viable name in trade books.  And Student Life actually has the contacts where this could be a possibility.

Selfishly, wouldn't it be great to write a companion piece to a book that's pretty much guaranteed to be a bestseller.  That way the next time I go to a publisher with a book proposal I can say, "look, my first book sold Xthousand number of copies."  And maybe I could get Erwin's representation.

I know, out-of-this -orld expectations.  Still, as the little slip of paper in my office says: "Dream Big.  There is little power in little plans."

Don't worry.  I won't forget you guys.  You'll just have known me when...

In other news: I'm going to see Coldplay tomorrow night.  Should be great.  Also, I'm consumed currently with the script for tour.  On top of the sixteen short sketches I have to finish.  I am a writing machine.

Don't be jealous!

xangaChris Kinsley