The Talented Mr. Coon

I was wrong.  No interesting anecdotes.  SETC, so far, has left a little to be desired however we (Drew and I) are sitting in our call-back room waiting on the three people who accepted a call back to show up.  I think he is checking out Taylor's Xanga.  Though, I doubt Drew will ever have one himself.

Since I don't have an anecdote to write about like I thought, I will have to write about something else, and I have a very special subject, one that will probably mean little to most of the regular readers of this site.  So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce:

Reasons I love John Mark Coon:
    1.  We were bed babies together.
    2.  We once tried to invent really cool Houdini escape tricks when we were younger involving rope and sleeping bags.
    3.  His mom never seemed to really mind much when I wet the bed at sleep-overs    (which I did until I was about eight years old [I'm going to regret writing that]).
    4.  During Vacation Bible School every year at Alta Woods Baptist Church, his dad made these sandwiches by mixing peanut butter and jelly together before putting on the bread.
    5.  After eating the sandwiches, he would convince my mom to let me go to Rapids on the Reservoir.
    6.  He didn't make fun of me, only laughed, when I pulled the railing out of the wall while getting baptized.
    7.  He once got rid of his bed and put up a hammock instead.
    8.  He also had all of his friends sign his wall.
    9.  Jars of Clay once came to his house and signed said wall.
  10.  He got me my first professional acting job re-enacting the 1997 robbery of the Mississippi State BSU for Crime Stoppers.  We got paid $100.
  11.  He helped me in my first ventures into writing scripts, leading to us winning the Mississippi College Follies in 2000.
  12.  He forgave me when I got pissed and yelled at him over the production of that Follies skit.
  13.  He came to my grandfather's funeral and let me hold his son, Max.  Holding a cute kid at a funeral really helps you deal with things.
  14.  He's a drama teacher (on top of being an incredible artist; I still have one of his paintings hanging in my home office).
  15.  He tracked me down on Xanga to rekindle our friendship and get back in touch.

There you have it.  He's a helluva guy.

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