Xanga Post Saturday September 10, 2005

So, 10 days since I last posted.  What a ten days.  If I were to try to write about everying that has happened or been discussed in the past ten days this post would rival both Buechner posts combined.

I'll just say this: We (Drew and I) are in Charlotte for SETC starting tomorrow.  We just got done with Student Life staff retreat, which was by far the best staff retreat I've been on.  I'm sitting here in my hotel room watching a special on the beginning and early days of Saturday Night Live.  I've always wanted to audition for SNL to be a performer or writer.  This special, which I've seen before, only causes that desire to grow.  Why?  For mainly one reason that actually has little to do with SNL.  I long to be a part of a group like that who are working for a common goal, trying to accomplish something important to them and have a blast while they're at it.  I've experienced this a few times in life: 1995 6th place finishing World class OM team, 1996 Mighty Madison Central Jaguar Marching Band, 2000 Shawreth follies skit, 2001 MC directing class... and perhaps a few others.

However, I realize that I am also experiencing this now.  To all of you with whom I get to serve, work and live life, thank you.  Maybe they'll make a special about us one day.  Though, probably not.  It would only go to our heads.

In other news, we (Drew, Sarah Mac, Hannah, and I) all drove back from staff retreat on Friday night to arrive in Birmingham sometime between 3:00 and 3:30 in the morning.  All this after a full day that began at 4:45 am when I awoke to go bottom fishing in the gulf.  I was very tired and slightly delirious and ended up talking to Sarah and Hannah while Drew slept about old loves of mine for about an two hours.  What was I thinking?  Sorry, ladies.

My next post will be better and more pointed and probably full of interesting antecdotes from the auditions here.


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