Okay.  Thanks so much for the comments.  This was a much better response.  However, I believe Natalie is correct.  I will apologize for making the post so long and giving them to you all at once.  I should have saved them so you would have something to look forward to each and every time you return to this site.  Oh well.  Pressure's on now to make it that interesting.

I will now comment on something that could be a bit tricky: sports-lovers.  Now, I myself am not a sports-lover.  However, I have nothing against sports-lovers.  I enjoy going to live games.  I even enjoy watching sporting events on TV with a group of people.  I just don't think, "ooh, I can't wait to get home to watch ___________ (insert your favorite team or sport."  But I understand people that do.  It's much like I am with movies or Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill.  So, I am not someone that thinks sports-lovers are stupid.  What I do think is stupid is when you are somewhere and there is a discussion taking place about sports amongst sports-lovers.  I, not being a sports-lover, normally do not engage in the conversaton seeing as how I have nothing to bring to it.  However, I am not sitting there thinking about how stupid it is that they are talking about sports.  I do think, though, that is what the sports-lovers themeselves assume I am thinking because they inevitably call me out with some comment like, "Hey, Kinsley.  Bet you're real interested in this," or, "Hey, Kinsley.  Who'd be your first pick for fantasy football?" or,"Hey, Kinsley.  What new plays are coming out this fall?  Who's your pick for the best-actor Tony?"  That is stupid.  But if I were to reverse that scenario and call someone out by asking something like, "Hey, ________ (fill in a sports-lover's name) what do you think about the impact on and transformatin of the theater of the abusrd by Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead?"  I would be considered a pompous ________ (fill in the blank with your favorite derogatory term).  So, to resolve this, I've decided to pick a sport to become passionate about and I've chosen Curling.

See you on the ice!

Sarcasm, xangaChris Kinsley