Xanga Post Wednesday August 24, 2005

I'm editing and formatting scripts so they can be available for purchase at the Student Life store.  In the first batch alone there are sixty-one.  I've done maybe thrity-five.  There are approximately 180 more sketches to go after this first batch, not to mention the full-lengths.  I've never read so much Christian drama  in my life.  Someone help me.  I need a Mamet book.  Or some Durang.  Or Stoppard.  Or Simon.  Or Shepherd.  The new Ives book would be great.

On a similar note.  Why are all the new critically raved/award winning plays only issue oriented.  Does no one write/care about the universal themes of life and humanity?

My new play/movie idea:  September 11, 2001.  Both towers of the World Trade Center have been hit.  The entire action focuses on one set of offices on a floor above where the plane has hit in tower two.  How do/did people cope, staring into eternity, on their way from one life to the next?  Don't steal it.

xangaChris Kinsley