Xanga Post Monday August 15, 2005

Still working on the Buechner quotes.  Sorry.

Small goal for this week: update my site more than once.

Spent the weekend in Chattanooga, TN with Liza's dad and his wife.  The weekend can be summed up in one scenario.  Entire family (Liza, me, Liza's dad, his wife, liza's sister, liza's brother, his wife, our niece Gracie, our nephew Gavin, and our other niece Lila) all sitting in the living room with the t.v. on, tuned to golf, but muted.  Gracie is wining about how she wants something, so everyone jumps to her beckon call.  Gavin is crawling around tring to grab stuff while various people say, "no, Gavin," over and over.  Liza is cuddling Lila and thinking about how much she wants a child.  Susan, Liza's step-mom, is talking non-stop in a slow monotone about what a "soul patch" is actually called and how she found that out.  Cyndi, Liza's sister, is talking as well and getting louder so she can be heard over Susan.  Jim and April are having some Jack-and-Cokes.  I meanwhile, have my laptop out editing scripts while clinging to my own sanity.  It was incredible, if by incredible you mean mind-numbingly traumatic and exhausting.

In response to KJ's idea of fearless living which I believe Culpepper is now adopting, I would like to remind everyone thay I have had a similar campaign going for almost a year.  That's right.  "The No Crap Campaign."  Stay tuned for updates.

This has been Kinsley, Greatest of all Time.

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