Xanga Post Monday August 8, 2005

Okay.  I know I said Buechner quotes would be in this post.  However, I'm not done reading, so you'll have to wait (with great anticipation I'm sure).

Saturday, KJ and I (he's living with us, by the way) were sitting around trying to decide what we should fix for dinner.  We went to Publix at about 8:00.  I decided to try and figure out how to make the coconut soup from Surin West that I had at lunch that day.  Ingredients I then purchased: coconut milk, chicken broth, tofu, red currie paste, mushrooms, fish sauce, and basil.  I pretty much just threw all that in a pot.  It didn't work out so well.  I'm now on a mission to learn to make that soup.  Add it to my list of things to accomplish.

I image googled "kinsley" and this came up.  Enjoy.

'Til we meet again...

xangaChris Kinsley