This Could Be The Year

Goals for this next season of my life:

1.  Learn to walk in the Spirit.

2.  Have a film in Sidewalk next year.

3.  Spend more time with students.

4.  Start preaching more.

5.  Write a full length play for the pure pleasure of it.

6.  Purchase ten amazing DVD's of movies made before 1970.

7.  Manage my money.

8.  Learn to make sushi.

9.  Lose at least forty pounds.

10.  Rid my lawn of weeds.

For an update on a previous resolution (my new reading plan) Uprising by Erwin McManus has proven to be difficult to get into.  I hear it's good once you do, but I have yet to accomplish that task and I'm dying to move on to my McMurtry book but I'm supposed to read a non-fiction first so I'm changing to a recommendation from Ronnie Brock: Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC by Frederick Buechner (pronounced beekner).  There will be quotes on the next post.

This could be the year.


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