Xanga Post Monday August 1, 2005

After four agonizing nights and inumerous moments of pain caused by Liza grabbing my ears/side of my face to kiss me, my "swimmer's ear" henceforth known as the Hades Infection, began to break yesterday.  Praise the Lord!  Seriously.  Although my 3:00 am attempt at self healing didn't work.  Some of my hearing has finally returned.  Which made it much easier for me to enjoy watching...

Murderball.  Fantastic movie.  Great storytelling.  I now have a flyer on my fridge for when the Team USA quad rugby team will be training at the Lakeshore foundation here in B'ham at the end of August.  If you'd like to go and totally random camper these guys with us, let me know and I'll send you the dates.

This movie was enjoyed after what was a good morning at church.  Hannah, Ben, Erin (thanks guys) and I performed a short sketch (though it was really nothing) I wrote to introduce a song.  And we celebrated communion, which I love.  I was really jazzed all morning, and not from the Mocha I had earlier.  I really miss being on stage sometimes.

At any rate it was refreshing to have a good morning at church.  I am resisting being reactionary in leaving if that is what I end up doing.  I am committed/have commitments to/at the church through the fall.  So, we'll see how that goes.  Anyway, thanks for reading and for the encouragement.  I wish I had more opportunities to pastor/preach.

This could be the year.

xangaChris Kinsley