Xanga Post Wednesday July 20, 2005

1995 was an interesting/good/formative year for me.  So, I'm being nostalgic today, allowing the acoustic version of Jagged Little Pill to take me back while maintaining my maturity.  Perhaps I'll put on Cracked Rearview next.  Perhaps not.

I have recently become ever more aware that might possibly have a hearing problem.  I have known that I sometimes have difficulty hearing other people and that "huh?" has become a regular part of my vocabulary, especially in places where noise is prevalent, like a restaurant with people chatting, starbucks where music is playing or during soundcheck at camp.  What I didn't know though was just how much people had noticed this issue.  I have been wondering if there is something I could do about it.  Like, should I use some of those ear candles to burn out my ear wax (which I still may try)?  I mentioned this to Drew today, and he informed me that many other people had noticed this about me and often wondered why I "yell" sometimes during normal conversation.  These people (some of you may be included) came to the conclusion that it must result from a combination of the fact that I'm animated and might not be able to hear well.  Please, let me know your own thoughts on the evidently inoperativeness of my ears.

I currently have no new rambling thoughts on God or my relationship with Him.  Maybe I'll edit later.  I'm in a weird mood.  Liza says I always get depressed around this time of year and that it lasts for a couple of moments.  I wonder why I haven't been aware of this either.


Edit: New Background

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