Xanga Post Thursday June 9, 2005

I finished Under the Banner of Heaven (the book I was currently reading when I last posted).  The basis of the book is looking at an incident in the 80's when two fantical Mormon brothers murdered their sister-in-law and fifteen-month-old niece because "God told them to."  However, in order to examine how this might happen in two men that are not clynically insane, the author examines the history of Mormonism and Mormon Fundamentalism, specifically.  I won't make any generalizations here about Mormons.  However, it seems that the Mormon Fundamental Movement is pretty messed up and does have a shared history with much of Mormonism.  In the process he ends up examining religous faith in general and the pros and cons of zealouts regardless of their affiliation.  Fascinating stuff, but also terrifying.

I'm back in B'ham and kinda bored.  There's stuff to do, but I really miss being on a camp team.  I'm definitely ready to get Tour under way so I can at least feel like I'm creating something.  I did watch The Real Gilligan's Island last night.  I can't think of a much worse idea for a show, yet I watched two hours of it.  I'm sick.  I need help.  Pray for me.

xangaChris Kinsley