Xanga Post Sunday June 5, 2005

So, mad props to the SL@the Beach team.  Sixteen staff members, not only doing camp and recreation but also hosted an extremely successful concert.  All without staffers.  They are most certainly no longer the cush team.  Everyone is doing great, but I will single out KJ in particular.  See the conversation below.

Liza:  Kinsley, aren't you so proud of KJ?
Me:  Yeah, I am.
Nate:  He's doint a great job.  Not that anyone thought he wouldn't.
Nate&Kinsley:  Except for maybe himself.

Digression:  Delta now offers a variety of snacks to choose from instead of just the traditional peanuts or pretzels.  These new choices include peanuts, Sun Chips, animal crackers, chocolate chip granola bars and smoked swiss and wheat cheese and crackers.  The cheese and crackers are awesome!  Why?  Perhaps it's the aging of my tastebuds, but I could eat them incessantly.

I'm in Glorieta with the Orange team.  Things look great.  Bought a new drum kit and bass rig, but Paco at the Guitar Center here is slow as Christmas.  Holla.

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